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Check 21 Processing

Posted on Sunday, July 22nd, 2012 filed under Processing Solutions

CC Rebills offers Check 21 processing for your continuity based business. This patent pending product allows all forms of paper deposits,such as checksto be scanned, converted into electronic paymentdeposits (known as IRD or substitute check),and automatically settled, or deposited, into your business bank account. Once scanned, these payments are automatically sent to a clearing house electronically by virtually eliminating bank visitsprocessing customer checksat your office. The only piece of equipment you will need is a Check 21 scanner to convert the physical payments into electronic ones.

Our solution enables you to cut all manual labor out of the equation whereby all of the fields from the check (MICR data) are automatically populated into the electronic deposit. Our advanced software automatically recognizes, distinguishes and routes the different check types through the proper electronic network. Your business receives the funds through a secure electronic credit shortly thereafter. With this final step,the transaction is complete. CC Rebills performs in-house approvals and underwriting on Check 21 processing to make approvals and setup times as quick as possible.

Please review the diagram below for more details:

Some of the Benefits of CC rebills Check 21 processing are:
-Expedites CheckProcessing By Eliminating Bank Visits
-Easy and Convenient Processing Setup
-24-48 Hour Settlement Time
-Low Cost To Your Payment Processing Needs.
- Cuts Returned Item Notificationin Half.
-Big Savings on Returned Item Fees as Opposed to Traditional Payment Processing Solutions


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