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CC Rebills – About Us

In 2009, Visa, MasterCard, and the FTC started scrutinizing, imposing regulations, and shutting down continuity, recurring billing, free trial, and negative option merchants. Over the course of time, these regulations have not eased causing more detrimental effects within certain industries. In response to the scrutiny and regulations, many processors within the processing industry turned their back to several companies shying away from properly understanding the various industries and regulations that are adversely affecting these businesses.

CC Rebills came into this niche by assembling the team, network, and clients that properly understand the various continuity industries and their regulations. It is our mission to function within these industries and become the merchant service provider that specifically caters to businesses operating on continuity platforms or centered in high risk industries. Our company is comprised of continuity industry experts, former continuity business owners, and processing professionals with superior industry knowledge to provide expert advice for clients and properly align businesses with the correct solutions to meet all of their processing needs.

At CC Rebills, we keep at the pulse of regulations surrounding certain industries (where continuity is popular) and trends. We have a vast network of funding banks and our solutions cover all aspects within processing such as Check 21, ACH, and Credit Card Processing with a variety of packages to service various business models and industries. Our company conducts in-house underwriting which means faster approval time for our clients and allows us greater discretion than our competitors.

We understand how demanding it can be to successfully run a continuity business it is our goal to make this process as painless as possible with exceptional service, low rates, and rapid approvals. We are here to help continuity businesses succeed, so call us today to discuss your continuity business with our courteous and knowledgeable industry specialists, in detail.

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Trust your continuity based business to the experts who have in-depth industry experience and a thorough understanding of the industries utilizing recurring models.

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