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All-Inclusive Turnkey Continuity

Posted on Monday, May 6th, 2013 filed under All-Inclusive Turnkey Continuity

A problem faced by several merchants trying to obtain a continuity merchant account or processing solution is that they do not have the proper processing history to obtain the account. They may also face the difficulty of not having the adequate business resources or financial backing to properly execute a continuity business model since it usually requires a larger investment and high monthly costs to maintain. Customer service representatives, whether in-house or external, are very expensive, as well as the costs related to order processing and fraud monitoring services can bog an entrepreneur down and require significant costs to start-up and maintain. These costs eliminate several potential merchants and entrepreneurs from running their business on a continuity model that can leave a lot of money on the table, or not allow someone to leverage the full potential of their product or business.

So where can these merchants turn? What are they to do?

CC Rebills has the solution for your business in the “All-Inclusive Turnkey Continuity Program”which is a one of a kind program that bundles many services into one solution. These services consist ofcredit card processing (International and alternative processing solutions available), 24/7 live multilingual customer service / support, order processing, fraud protection / detection, recurring billing processing, automated selling process, multilingual forms / checkout, advanced reporting, mobile payments, and assisted integration all for an all-inclusive flat rate based on a percentage of your net monthly processing volume. This allows your organizationto offer world-class customer support, utilize state-of-the-art resources and the latest technology for effectively running a continuity business. Since all you only incur is a cost as you process transactions, you do not have to worry about paying a monthly fee , overage fee, or other service charges. This allows business owners to focus on driving sales, marketing and branding the product or service, and operating the business rather than be worried about cash flow difficulties to fund operational activities, such as payroll.

This sounds great but what’s the catch?

There is none. The program is completely turn-key and has no hidden fees, no fees for chargebacks, no charges for refunds, no fee for credits, no fees for retrievals, no additional charge for cross boarder fees, no downgrade fees, no gateway charges, and no transactional costs. The simple rate is truly ALL INCLUSIVE.

SO What is the COST?

Your Account will be charged 12.95% of net processing volume. For example, net processing volume means if you process $100,000 in sales revenue and issue $35,000 in refunds you will only be charged for $65,000 of processing at the applicable rate. You will also be charged a one-time setup and integration fee of $995.00. This fee is to setup your account, perform your integration, train customer service & support, train you and your key users, create your gateway, and transfer your business onto our platform.
***Please note that the 12.95% is an all-inclusive ratethat is calculated by bundling a normal processing rate and adding in a calculated percentage to account for relieving a business from the fixed overhead normally associated with, but not limited to: hiring or outsourcing customer support, order processing, technical support, and refunds & credits management.

So what industries / business models are accepted?

CC Rebills approves and underwrites all accounts in-house, we openly welcome live entertainment, direct download, trial offers, subscription based businesses, adult oriented businesses, trial membership programs, general high risk industries, and several others that are listed in more details under our industries and business models pages. We guarantee the acceptance of most businesses.

How to get started?

Call one of our experts today or fill out one of our contact forms and ask about “All-Inclusive Turnkey Continuity Program” which is truly the smartest choice for start-up continuity based businesses or high risk businesses that would like to reduce their fixed costs or overhead. Many companies get burned by not offering poor or untimely customer support, which lead to errors on order processing, get defrauded, or run into problems with theirmerchant processor. Align yourself with a company that offers a proven package deal that relives you from these worries which will allow you to focus on bettering your business and rest assured that your bundled services are placing you on the fast track to success. Don’t wait, CALL US TODAY!

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