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Agents & Affiliates Processor Partner Programs

Posted on Wednesday, November 16th, 2011 filed under Agents & Affiliates Processor Partner Programs

CC Rebills offers unique ways to join forces with us through several Partner Programs. Become an intricate part of our business and allow yourself or your business to earn money while we increase your client satisfaction. There are several advantages in partnering with us for your high risk continuity deals:

We built a unique company that caters to businesses running on a continuity platform and we specifically focus and specialize in servicing higher risk clients, particularly within the continuity realm.
Continuity accounts are not meant for ordinary processing avenues and we can get them approved and set up quicker than the competition.

We approve accounts and underwrite deals other processors decline or can’t place.
Our industry experts have the ability to offer superior service to clients and serve as the most knowledgeable back office in the industry.

We offer the most competitive residuals, splits, buy rates, or commissions on leads.

We provide monthly Direct Deposit payments and reporting to our partners.

Please take time to review our Partner Programs and see how we can be the best fit for you.

Processor Partner Program

If you are a Processor, Merchant Service Provider, Agent Office, Registered ISO, and are looking for a reliable partner to place your high risk continuity leads/accounts, or would like to receive more competitive splits on these types of potential accounts – look no further. CC Rebills can have you set up in our systems within 24 hours and provide you with a comprehensive package outlining our specialties, services polices, and procedures. Our representatives are here to work with you on each one of your potential accounts. CC Rebills underwrites many of its merchants in-house and takes liability for qualified accounts. Our domestic and offshore relationships give us a competitive edge as our portfolios and expertise are focused and weighted in continuity and high risk. Feel Free to call us to inquire or for more information.

ACH and Check 21 Processors and Aggregators

CC Rebills boards, writes, approves, and sets up ACH and Check 21 processing for clients in-house. This makes the underwriting approval process for the most extreme high risk continuity merchant accountsa simple task. Our current security measures offer an outline to our partners about our internal processes for account approval. Partnering with CC Rebills offers a “no hassle, no gimmicks” service by giving the highest level of assurance to provide superior service to our ACH and Check 21 processors or portfolio holders.
What can we offer in ACH and Check 21 to existing processors? Simplicity, a lower buy rate and better service for your accounts. Call us to compare your buy rates or your profit share and see how CC Rebills can measure up to your current solution for all of your existing and future ACH and Check 21 processing clients.

Rebill Referral Program

The Rebill Referral Program offers a reliable avenue and back office to send leads and deal packages to for quick approvals and superior service. CC Rebills offers the most competitive payouts in the industry and has set agent packages with guidelines so you can easily familiarize yourself and become an asset to our organization. We can set our agents up with all of the essential business tools by utilizing all of our organization’s resources, for example. CC Rebills should be the one and only avenue for your high risk and continuity deals. Call us for more information and to get started today.

Ad Network Associate

It is no secret that most continuity based businesses get their traffic / business from ad networks, affiliate publishing networks, and media companies. The clientele these businesses have are the same clients that CC Rebills caters to and focuses on. These companies are the building blocks behind the massive market presence of most free trial and risk free trial businesses. This program offers ad networks, affiliate publishing networks, and media companies a unique money-making opportunity for simple referrals. CC Rebills we can provide them with the perfect processing solutions for all of their merchant needs. Referring companies can earn monthly residual income from the improved performance of their existing clients.

What does it take to get started? One simple phone call to CC Rebills for a referral package and a better explanation of our products and services.

What do I do? Simply provide the contact information for your clients looking for processing solutions.

Sounds simple, how can I make money from this? Earn a percentage based on net processing revenue of all approved accounts on a residual monthly basis for the life of the account, as long as the account is being processed through CC Rebills.

How long will it take to be approved as an agent of the program? CC Rebills offers a same day turn-around for all agent set ups and requires a simple and transparent CC Rebills agreement outlining the terms of our relationship.

Your clients will be in good hands as we specialize in the processing sector of the industries ad networks, affiliate publishing networks, and media companies.. Our focus is keeping continuity based businesses and high risk sectors processing seamlessly.
Call us now to become a partner of our program!

Call us today and try us risk free!

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